Help us make life easier for even more animals in 2021.

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About TOP

TOP was started in 2016 by a group of ladies who saw a need in Chris Nissen Park, Somerset West. It was started as a division of Cape Dachshund Rescue. TOP has since grown and is now standing on its own as a registered NPO and our work has spread to helping animals in need in the Helderberg area.

Our Visionโ€‹

Our vision and goals involve uplifting and improving the lives of animals in poorer communities.

Rescue: Its more than just a word to us.
Its a promise.

Our Mission


Educating owners on how to look after their pets. Teaching the importance of vaccinating, sterilising, tick and flea treatments, grooming, deworming and basic health care.


Our main objective is sterilisation to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, pups and other related health issues.


We not only help improve the lives of animals in the poorer community, we re-home surrendered animals from these areas. We also provide veterinary treatment to injured or sick animals. We provide feeding programs to animals in need.


And it all starts over with new pups/kittens, new owners and new areas.